Mylbachr & Jelínek – Law Office in Brno

  +420 606 752 177 (JUDr. PhDr. Radek Mylbachr)
  +420 774 511 451 (Mgr. Martin Jelínek)
  +420 606 752 177 (JUDr. PhDr. Radek Mylbachr)
  +420 774 511 451 (Mgr. Martin Jelínek)


Contracts – this is not only about knowing how to draft them!

We will fight for you, in a clean and hard way, and negotiate the best terms and conditions for you.

Land property

Do you want to sell or buy a house or a plot of land?

We will assist you. Safely, quickly and reliably. We will defend your interests in negotiation, we will draft the contracts and arrange for the entries in the property register.


Does anybody owe you money? We will help you get the money back. Both common people and big enterprises.

We are highly experienced in this field.

Via extrajudicial enforcement, before courts and arbitrators.

Working agenda

We act on behalf both of employees and businesses of all sizes. From the contract for work up to internal guidelines.

We will help you not to get lost in the labyrinth of employees’ and employers’ duties.

In this field we are professionals relying on a long-lasting and practical experience.

Commercial agenda

We were working in the management of a Brno major joint-stock-company for a great many years.

We know exactly what the daily operation of such a business includes and can solve the problems arising therefrom.

Starting with setting up a business, including its day-to-day operation, ending with its winding-up.


We have been working as liquidators since many years and are highly qualified and experienced in this branch of law.

We understand the needs of both creditors and debtors and know how to respond to them in all fields of bankruptcy law.

Fairly and with full commitment.

Demands arising from traffic accidents

We have unique experience in this field as well.

Our specialists have helped more than thousands of clients in their difficult life situation subsequent to a traffic accident to assert their rights.

Feel free to rely on us in this troubling affair.

Family agenda

Even personal and property relationships in family have their own legal meaning and background.

Do not hesitate and ask our lawyers for advice.