Mylbachr & Jelínek – Law Office in Brno

  +420 606 752 177 (JUDr. PhDr. Radek Mylbachr)
  +420 774 511 451 (Mgr. Martin Jelínek)
  +420 606 752 177 (JUDr. PhDr. Radek Mylbachr)
  +420 774 511 451 (Mgr. Martin Jelínek)
  • fees for the provision of legal service are charged with respect both to difficulty and
    amount of the service to be rendered and the possible use of foreign languages
  • the usual fee per 1 hour of legal service oscillates between CZK 2.000,00 – 3.000,00
    plus VAT
  • where no individual agreement has been made, the fee for legal service shall be set
    pursuant to the Regulation No. 177/1996 Coll. on fees and remuneration of lawyers for
    the provision of legal services (the lawyer´s tariff)
  • the fees for the client´s representation in cases of enforcement of demands arising
    from traffic and workplace accidents are basically paid upon the obtained insurance
    benefit, the law office does not require any prepayments from its clients for this kind
    of service


  • information for clients – consumers:
    • the law office Mylbachr & Jelínek informs that in cases in which disputes should
      arise over a legal services contract between a lawyer and a consumer, the
      consumer is entitled to turn to the Czech Bar Association, which is the
      competent organisation for alternative dispute resolution.
    • for more details on resolving disputes between lawyers and consumers, visit the
      Czech Bar Association’s website at